Stalin shakes it better

The Soviet Union disowned Stalin after his death in 1953. Lenin remained on the pedestals and in the mausoleum, and his successor was hidden in a tomb (and in the minds of many Soviets)

Every night at the Lomonosov bar in St. Petersburg a dancer in her underwear spends rubbing herself with a figure of Stalin. Another statue of Lenin stands guard on the stairs. There are more orthodox devotions. The Russian Communists plan to build a Josef Stalin museum. And if someone gets angry, all the better.

In Nizhny Novgorod, regional party leaders have announced the good news: they plan to lay the first stone of the Stalin Center on May 8 in the town of Bor, about 450 kilometers east of Moscow.

Although Stalin decimated the population through purges, he made the USSR a world power and stopped the Nazis. A recent poll shows that the dictator’s approval rating has reached all-time highs of 70%. Stalin is criticized from various spheres, but the vindication of Stalin is common. Vladimir Putin has once referred to him as a «complex figure.»

In the town of Bor they seem to have a fixation with the moustached tyrant. They already inaugurated a monument to Stalin last summer while the rest of the country commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Soviet victory in World War II.

Some have a lot to object to this museum object called Stalin.

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